What It Is

We’ve all dreamed of following clues or a map to find buried treasure. Unfortunately, all of the good treasure has already been taken, and there don’t seem to many pirates running around burying more.

That’s where Alt Adventure Nashville comes in. Alt Adventure is a weekly competition in the Nashville area that encourages physical and mental engagement through published clues and riddles. 

We periodically release clues that can only be solved by venturing to different locations around Nashville. You may have to hike deep into the woods, or drive out to unfamiliar areas. Either way, it’s an adventure.

It’s not all hiking boots and car tires, however. Each clue will require a level of mental effort to figure out. If you’ve ever wanted to release your inner Indiana Jones, this is your chance.

What’s in it for you?

Clues have to lead to something, right? Right.

Whoever can solve all of the clues first will be awarded the treasure (no shovel required). This will often include gift cards, hiking gear, and other surprises. The treasure will only get better as more and more people get involved.

For a detailed look at how all of this works, see How it Works.

Happy Hunting.

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