How It Works

So, you’ve just found out about Alt Adventure. You’re probably asking yourself, “how does this work?” You’re in the right place.

The Clues

Each adventure is centered around three preliminary clues. These can involve riddles, ciphers, and even hidden messages. Each clues is designed around information you can only find at certain places around Nashville. Of course, if you can figure it out without leaving your home, more power to you!

Typically, the clues will be released over three days, one clue each day. This should give you plenty of time to track down each, and allows you to save all three for the third day, if it’s easier for your schedule.

The Final Riddle

The solutions to each clue will be used to solve the final riddle. After all three clues are released, we will publish the final riddle. The first person to solve this riddle correctly (indicating they also successfully found the first three clues) will be rewarded with that adventure’s treasure.

You can find the current clues/riddle on our home page.

The Treasure

The treasure will be different for each adventure. Besides the glory of solving the final riddles (and the appropriate recognition on our Wall of Victors), the treasure will include gift cards, outdoors gear, candy, pretty much anything you can imagine. It will be different each time.

The treasure will be shipped directly to you, no catches, no problems.

Still have questions? See our FAQ.

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