People ask questions. Here are some that they ask frequently.

Q: Why is it called “Alt Adventure”?

A: The short answer is that the service we provide is an alternative/alternate form of adventure. Plus “alt” is a button on the keyboard, so we are obviously technically-savvy.

Q: What even is this? Are you a business?? Do you make money???

A: It’s complicated, why don’t you mind your own business?

Q: Does participation cost anything? 

A: No. Participation in our adventures is 100% free. If you win, we even cover the shipping expenses to get the treasure to you. Aren’t we the best?

Q: Seriously, how do you make money?

A: Fine. We plan to develop partnerships in the future. Rest assured that it will only enhance your experience when we do. However, that won’t happen until we have substantial participation and awareness, so… Help us out.




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